5 Reasons Why Calligraphy Is The Perfect Hobby For You

5 Reasons Why Calligraphy Is The Perfect Hobby For You

How many times have you seen a beautifully handwritten letter and thought to yourself “I wish I could make something like that”.

Fortunately for you, learning calligraphy is easier and cheaper than you think. This is thanks largely to an abundance of affordable pens and simple worksheets that allow you to hone your technique to your heart’s content.

So if you’re someone who’s interested in this timeless art form but has yet to take the plunge, here are a few more reasons why calligraphy is the perfect hobby for you!

1. Calligraphy Isn’t Expensive

While many practitioners of calligraphy use premium instruments to practice their craft, a beginner such as yourself can still create amazing calligraphy without having to spend much of your hard-earned money.

For as little as $50 you can get yourself a well-made fountain pen and some ink, after which you can then find instructions and loads of free printable calligraphy drills on the web and get straight to practicing your pen strokes.

2. You Can Showcase Your Creativity

If you love journaling or sketching, calligraphy can be a great supplementary skill as it allows you to decorate your work with elegant writings and intricate designs that helps bring life to every page.

College students in particular, with their overabundance of stationery, can benefit from practicing calligraphy as the activity also helps relieve stress in addition to enhancing the aesthetics of their notebooks and journals.

3. It Let’s You Brighten Any Room

Is your office or living room looking a little drab? You can remedy by using your calligraphy skills to create amazing décor such as posters with motivational quotes, simple signs, labels, or if you’re a true artist, pictures made up of small words!

In addition to creating something new, you can also enhance your already existing home décor from picture frames to shelves. If you’re short of ideas, you can also check the many amazing calligraphy projects online for some inspiration.

4. Calligraphy Can Be Profitable

Need some extra cash? Calligraphy can help you make a quick buck by offering your services to others to create various paper goods such as event invitations and greeting cards. You can even create some yourself and sell them to friends and family!

Needless to say, you need to have at least some skill with calligraphy to do this. So if you want to turn it into a side hustle, make sure to invest some time in improving your proficiency with the fountain pen in order to provide a great product for your potential clients.

5. Lets You Forge Deeper Bonds

Even in this age of instant communication, the humble handwritten letter still has a lot of value as it lets you show how much you value a person. This is increased exponentially when that letter comes adorned with beautiful calligraphy that you have diligently written.

Seeing someone put in the time and effort to create something so elegant shows the recipient just how much they mean to a person and they are more likely to reciprocate the sentiment. Also, unlike an email, your elaborately calligraphed letter can be safely be stored as a treasured keepsake that they can share along with the fond memories later down the road.

Even without these practical benefits, calligraphy is still an interesting and fun hobby and sense of achievement you feel after creating something beautiful is more than worth the time and effort you put into. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a pen, grab a piece of paper, and start spreading some ink!
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