Easy Calligraphy Projects That Make For Amazing Gifts

Easy Calligraphy Projects That Make For Amazing Gifts

The beauty of calligraphy lies not only in its ability to turn simple letters into art but also in its inherent versatility. Whether it’s creating handmade invitations to enhancing your existing décor, calligraphy can make a little creativity go a long way.

Even if you’re short on inspiration, works of countless calligraphers are available online for you to admire and draw ideas upon. So if you’re feeling an artistic streak coming along, consider checking out these amazing calligraphy projects and make them your own! 

Lettering Maps

Do you like traveling or geography? If so then this project is right up your alley. All you need is some good quality paper, your favorite pen, a map, and patience, lots and lots of patience. Once finished, however, it makes for a fine addition to your home décor or you can even opt to give it as a gift.

Start by choosing which country you wish to make a map of and create an outline that incorporates its subdivisions using a pencil. After this, begin lettering the names of the states/provinces taking care to fit in each within their boundaries. Following this rough draft, you can finally begin to fill it with ink or paint, making sure to use alternating colors to help easily distinguish each area.

Once completed, you can erase all your pencil marks leaving you with a work of art that you would be proud to showcase with friends and family.

Calligraphed Coasters

Not only are they great at protecting your furniture but coasters also serve as the perfect medium for expressing yourself. After all, how many times have you seen your friend’s coasters adorned with their favorite quotes and even logos of their beloved team or TV show? 

So if you’re itching for some scribbling, consider creating your own set of calligraphed coasters. It’s as simple as grabbing a few blank coasters, deciding on a design, and get to writing. Not only would you be able to practice your calligraphy skills but you can also impress your friends with your work the next time you get together for a drink.

Graphic Envelopes

Do you like to send letters to family and friends? Well if you’re a calligrapher or aspiring to be one, then the answer is most likely yes. But why should you limit your artistic expression to the letter itself when the envelope that contains it offers plenty of blank space just waiting to be adorned with beautiful lines.

So why not snazzy up those humble letter holders with some gorgeous lettering and bright pastel colors. Not only will you be able to showcase your creativity but your letter will definitely be a pleasant surprise for both the postman and your recipient.

Decorative Scrolls 

Are rustic aesthetics your thing? If so then a decorative scroll is the perfect old-fashioned project for you. All you need is a scroll of parchment or high-quality paper, your calligraphy pens or markers, and a fair bit of patience because unlike writing on a piece of paper or card, you will have to drastically increase your font size in order to make the words pop.

The design of your scroll is entirely up to you as you can either opt for a simple quote or go all out and create something that incorporates everything you’ve learned from creating illuminated texts, calligraphy art, and many more. After you’ve finished you can then hang your scroll on the wall like a pseudo-archeological piece that you would be proud to show to guests.

Calligraphed Canvas Bags

It doesn’t cost much to be fashionable and if you have some skill with calligraphy, you can even turn unassuming items into something eye-catching. Take the humble canvas bag, on its own, it’s drab and not really something you’d take on a leisurely stroll. But add a little bit of calligraphy and it would be the perfect tote bag to bring with you to the beach or park.

First, get yourself a blank canvas bag the shape and size of which is all up to you. Once you have your bag, you need to think and draft a design - one that you can easily transfer to the canvas. After which, you need to stretch and secure the bag to create a smooth and firm surface to work on. If you want to go the extra mile, you can scan your design and have it transferred via a vinyl press which while may cost more results in a much more premium-looking product.

Custom Wooden Name Tags

A tag is definitely the go-to way to show that you are the owner of a particular item. But most store-bought tags are boring and if you’re someone who’s proud of your calligraphy skills, making your own name tags is definitely a fun and exciting prospect.

You can easily get pre-holed wooden tags at most crafts stores. After you’ve got your hands a few, you can then use your arsenal of pens, markers, and brushes to adorn them with wonderful designs and most importantly your beautifully calligraphed name as well as anyone else you feel like giving a custom nametag to as a gift!

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