6 Ways To Make Money With Calligraphy

6 Ways To Make Money With Calligraphy

So you’ve gotten quite skilled at calligraphy. In fact, you’re so good that you’re now looking for ways to turn your passion into something profitable. 

Fortunately for you, there are plenty of ways to earn extra income from this hobby, from projects that only require some experience to those that are reserved only for more practiced hands. Regardless of your skill level, it’s never been easier to turn calligraphy into a side hustle provided you have dedication, quality supplies, and a whole lot of creativity. 

If you think you’ve got the moxie then check out our list of calligraphy business ideas and start making bank with your penmanship!

1. Handmade Greeting Cards

Difficulty Level: Beginner

We have made greeting cards ever since we were little so this should be a no-brainer. The difference now is instead of crayon, you now have a more sophisticated tool that allows you to create elaborately designed cards that people would be willing to shell out their cash for.

There are two ways to go about this. You can either create pre-made cards or accept custom orders with the former being the easiest and the latter having the most potential for profit. Either way, you need to invest in supplies such as high-quality parchment, envelopes, and calligraphy paper, flex-nib calligraphy pens, as well as different colored inks in order to create cards that will wow your customers.

After you’ve made your products, you can promote them on social media with the help of friends and family. It’s literally that easy.

2. Framed Inspirational Quotes

Difficulty Level: Beginner

People love to personalize their workspace and one way to do that is by hanging inspirational quotes that help them get motivated. You can use your calligraphy skills to cash in on this craze and all you need are your trusty calligraphy pen, some quality paper or parchment, and frames from your local crafts store.

Start by looking up quotes online or come up with a few ones yourself. After choosing the best ones and pen them using your preferred calligraphy style before finally putting them in a nice frame. You can then promote them on social media or even put some in your workstation in order to pique the interest of your colleagues.

3. Personalized Gifts

Difficulty Level: Advanced

Gifts are always in demand year-round so why not take it to the next level by offering up personalized items. These can be anything from mugs, home décor, decorations, stationery, and various trinkets. However, in addition to buying the required supplies, you also need to invest in learning to use other calligraphy tools such as brushes as you will be working on materials other than paper.

Similar to greeting cards, you can choose to create pre-made items as well as offer customization service with the latter also having the option of your customers being the ones to provide the gift material. You do need to create samples of your work so that potential clients can decide if they want to avail of your product.

4. Handwritten Invitations

Difficulty Level: Advanced

There’s just something about handwritten letters that make them so special. This is why many people today opt to send handmade invitations every time they are looking to host an event. With your calligraphy skills, you can offer your services to them though bear in mind that this requires a degree of professionalism as it is very likely that such invitations are for an important event i.e. weddings.

While the materials are easy to work with, you will have to recreate the same card over and over again depending on the number of guests. Consistency and diligence are extremely important and so you must only take on these projects if you are extremely confident in your skills as a calligrapher.

5. Signage And Menu Boards

Difficulty Level: Advanced

Is the area you live in filled with shops, cafes, and restaurants? Do you think their signs could be made better with your calligraphy skills? If both of your answers are yes then you have an opportunity to earn some extra income. 

You can start by approaching a few establishments and demonstrate your skills by offering to remake their signs for free. If they like it, you can inform them that you live in the area and would be more than willing to create menu boards and signs for them in the future. 

If they accept, you can then use the signs you make for them to promote your services to other shops in town and slowly building your client base. 

6. Be A Calligraphy Teacher

Difficulty Level: Advanced

If your skills in calligraphy are good enough to make you money, it’s certainly good enough to be shared with people. Chances are your friends and family have noticed your penmanship and exclaimed something along the lines of “I wish I could write as beautifully as you”. So why not offer to teach them for a small fee.

You can do this just for fun and start by lending them some of your supplies and printing out a few worksheets. If they enjoy it and want to proceed with actual lessons, you can schedule proper one or one lessons with them. Once you’ve got a hang of how it is to teach beginners, you can start promoting your services to strangers as a professional and make a little bit more money.

While calligraphy can be a profitable hobby, making money should never your primary reason for pursuing this timeless art form. Doing calligraphy must be a fulfilling activity for you with or without money involved because only by fully immersing yourself in your penmanship can you improve your skill to a level that you can genuinely be proud of.

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