8 Reasons Why Handwritten Letters Are Still The Best Way To Communicate

8 Reasons Why Handwritten Letters Are Still The Best Way To Communicate

In the age of text, email, and messaging apps, there seems to be no place for handwritten letters both from a personal and professional standpoint. But while this analog form of communication may not offer the same level of convenience, it can provide a different kind of value that its electronic counterparts can only hope to deliver.

So whether you’re a business looking to build rapport with your customer base or just someone who wants to connect with family and friends in a more intimate manner, here are a few reasons why personally-penned letters are a powerful tool for conveying your messages.

1. It Shows How Much You Value People

Taking the time to pen a letter shows someone that your relationship with them is not only important but also one that is worth investing in whether that  relationship is with a client, a colleague, a friend, or a loved one. 

For individuals, a handwritten letter can help strengthen bonds with people be it friendship or familial ties. Businesses, on the other hand, can use it to foster loyalty among their customer base as it shows that you value their perception of your brand beyond those provided by your product or service.

2. It Makes For A Rare And Pleasant Surprise

Because we scarcely communicate through letters these days, our mailboxes often become nothing more than a source of dread and disappointment filled with solicitations, leaflets, catalogs, and, worst of all, bills. 

So imagine how happy a person would be to find something other than junk when they check their mail. More often than not, a lovely envelope with a handwritten name and address will be able to catch their attention and immediately put a smile on their face.

It’s even better for business because, unlike email marketing which most people find annoying, handwritten letters enjoy an over 90% open rate. Not only is this due to handwritten letters being more special but because of the perception that if a business took the time to pen one, its contents will likely contain more than just generic marketing spiels.

3. It’s More Personal

Most of the stuff we receive in the mail today lacks a degree of intimacy, be it store-bought greeting cards or marketing materials born out of unimaginative templates. A handwritten letter is like a breath of fresh air to your recipient as to create it, someone has to deliberately think not only about you but also how to best convey their message to you.

There’s also something amazing about the idea that the piece of paper they are holding once sat on another’s desk, was carefully filled with their words, and was passed through several hands and machines before finally making its way to them. To make such an effort worth it, the letter’s contents must surely matter.

4. Handwritten Letters Let’s You Stand Out

Sending an email is cheaper and easier which is why it’s everyone’s preferred mode of communication. But if everyone is doing exactly the same thing, how can you ensure that your message is noticed, let alone read.

For individuals and businesses, a physical letter is a guaranteed way to stand out regardless of whether you’re greeting someone or promoting a product. Not only will you be able to surprise your recipient with a physical item but it will also be harder for them to lose it. Compare this to an email which often gets buried in the inbox and sometimes even sent directly to the spam folder.

5. It’s Easier To Communicate With An Older Audience

Let’s face it, most of the older generations aren’t exactly tech-savvy and at the speed at which technology is moving, they’re unlikely to catch up. So why not make things easier for them by taking advantage of a more tried and tested form of communication - the humble handwritten letter.

Not only is it more accessible for them but it’s also a more sentimental way of conveying your message. And even if they are more than capable of navigating their way through technology, they would probably enjoy the act of opening an envelope more than clicking on an email.

6. Letters Make You Look Classy

Writing a letter isn’t just about sending a message, it’s about showcasing your skill as a wordsmith because if we’re going to invest our time and money into something, it better be something that is worthwhile.

As such, we often pen each word with great care as we try to convey our thoughts in a brief but sophisticated fashion. Couple this with the fact that handwritten letters are a rare thing to receive these days and you got yourself one hell of a classy combination that is sure to build your personal brand.

7. It’s A Timeless Tradition

Of course, it’s impossible to eschew modern methods of communication but sending letters every once in a while not only does good for you and your recipient, it also lets you participate in one of the human race’s most important activities.

Over the centuries, the combination of ink and paper was able to change the course of history. Sure the letters we pen will probably not have the same impact but being able to participate in such a fine and ageless ritual is sure to bring you a great sense of satisfaction.

8. You Can Show Off Your Penmanship

Most of us spent hours learning cursive in school with some even continuing to practice their penmanship beyond their student years. If you’re one of these talented individuals, penning letters can be a great way to both improve and showcase your skills as a calligrapher. 

Even if you’re just starting out, you can practice your craft by sending letters to friends and loved ones during birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. Not only will this be cheaper than buying a pre-made greeting card but a calligraphed letter written by you will also have a bigger impact on your recipient.

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