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ArtGraph Line - Carved Glass Pen

ArtGraph Line - Carved Glass Pen

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Add Excellence and Uniqueness to Your Collection!

The ArtGraph Line features a unique and elegant design with flower engraved silver accents at the top and bottom and acrylic glass in the middle. When combined, this makes an absolutely lovely design that you would be proud to showcase.

No-Spill Design: All our pens are tested for both balance and a no-spill experience in order to guarantee a comfortable and consistent ink flow. The nib's innovative design dispenses a steady and smooth flow of ink no matter which angle you place nib to paper.

Modern Carved Design: Smooth handwriting, easy flowing. The fountain pen was made of acrylic glass, designed with silver flower carved accents. With this Modern Classic style in your possession, clients, colleagues, and friends will know you for your taste, class, and sophistication.

3 Nibs To Choose From: F tip is the most common tip, mostly used in fountain pens with writing thickness of 0.44mm to 0.66mm. The art bent tip has a curved tip mostly used on doing calligraphy and arts with writing thickness of 0.8 to 1mm. And the roller pen nib with 0.5mm writing thickness.

How To Recharge The Fountain Pen (For F and Art Nib Only):

Rediscover classic writing pleasure & enjoy the timeless ritual of bottle filling when you use your fountain pen.

For F and Art Nib, the ink is not included. This fountain pen is also compatible with a disposable ink cartridge.

Technical Specification

Nib Material: Stainless Steel
Body & Cap Material: Acrylic
Weight: 49g (1.72oz)
Length capped: 13.8cm (5.43")
Length posted: 15.8cm (6.22")
Grip diameter: 1.1 cm (0.43")
Body diameter: 1.3 cm (0.51")

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