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StoneGraph Executive Flex Nib Fountain Pen

StoneGraph Executive Flex Nib Fountain Pen

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Discover a new level of control and flexibility of a pen.

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  • Sold for more than 50,000 pieces! 🔥
  • Inspired thousands of people to write for their loved ones.

News Publication

StoneGraph Calligraphy Pen
Flexible Nib is definitely a calligraphy game-changer, especially for Fountain Pen & Calligraphy Enthusiast! Made with premium materials, this revolutionary pen will be one of the best Fountain Pens you have ever collected!
  • ELEGANCE IN WRITING: Effortlessly bringing fanciful flair to each letter with grand romantic strokes and beautifully tapered curves.
  • WIDE VARIETY OF LINES: The tip splits when pressed firmly at the right angle, allowing for more control of the ink and bringing you as close to the classic stylings of point pen and brush calligraphy as possible, without the hassle and mess that dipping a pen can cause.

Special thanks to Paul Antonio, a Calligraphy Master from London, for sending us a demo video:   


This is not your ordinary fountain pen. The flex nib is a pointed & sharp nib invented originally as a dipping pen.

Use bottled ink as in the image shown below. Simply dip it to the bottle when the ink on the nib is dried out - to reconnect the ink on the nib with the converter.

A sophisticated Ink Refill Converter is included to draw ink directly from an ink bottle. Ink is not included.

Rediscover classic writing pleasure & enjoy the timeless ritual of bottle filling when you use your fountain pen.

    Technical Specification

    Nib Material: Steel (Titanium-Coated)
    Body & Cap Material: Resin + Copper
    Weight: 42g (1.48oz)
    Length capped: 14.1cm (5.6”)
    Length posted: 16.0cm (6.3”)
    Section diameter: 1.1cm (0.39”)
    Body diameter 1.3cm (0.5”)

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