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StoneGraph Flex Replacement Nib Set

StoneGraph Flex Replacement Nib Set

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✔️ Quick & Simple Nib Exchange with Screw-in Design.
✔️ Comprehensive Kit: Includes feeder, housing, threaded holder, and full fountain pen section.
✔️ Japanese Titanium Gold Alloy G Nib for Drawing and Calligraphy.

Refresh and maintain your ExecutiveVibe™ StoneGraph and StoneLine fountain pens with the StoneGraph Flex Replacement Nib Set. Designed for compatibility and crafted for artists and calligraphers, this replacement set ensures your pen is always at peak performance.

Ideal for those who turn to writing tools for artistic expression, the Japanese Titanium Gold Alloy G Nib included in this set is perfect for creating diverse strokes suited to intricate drawings and stylish calligraphy. This nib's flexible nature allows for both the finest lines and the broadest swaths with consistent precision.

The set is engineered to offer a hassle-free nib exchange, thanks to its screw-in design, making it a breeze to swap out or upgrade parts as needed. With the added inclusion of the feeder, housing, threaded holder, and fountain pen section, your StoneGraph or StoneLine pen will be equipped for endless creativity.

Don't forget to prime your fountain pen again after changing your nib. See here: How To Prime Your Fountain Pen

Craftsmanship Meets Compassion

By selecting our writing essentials, you're not only embracing the timeless art of writing but also supporting a cause that seeks a world free from exploitation. We proudly allocate 10% of our profits to A21, a global organization dedicated to ending human trafficking and restoring hope and futures to countless individuals. With every fountain pen, ink, or notebook you acquire, we collectively write a brighter, more hopeful chapter. Join us in crafting a narrative of positive change.

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