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XV Titanium Gold Flex Nib Set

XV Titanium Gold Flex Nib Set

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✔️ Easily Draw Extra-Fine (EF) to Extra-Extra-Broad (BBB) Line Variation
✔️ Feeder, Housing, and Threaded Holder Included
✔️ Japanese Titanium Gold Alloy G Nib

✔️ XV Luxury Gift Box Included

Upgrade your fountain pen with the XV Titanium Gold Flex Nib Set and experience the ultimate flexibility to draw very thin and very wide lines.

Complete with its own housing unit, feeder, and threaded holder for an easy screw-in, the nib is suitable for size #6 fountain pens. The nib comes without nib tipping material to allow the user to draw a very thin line.

Note for modders: the threads were specifically made for XV Batavia Fountain Pen. The length might not match with other pen brands or models. Mod at your own risk.

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